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Born of TMT

TMT was born in 1979 when Mr.Mario Terzo decided to become self-employed and started to work in the garage of his home with a first manual lathe.

In the early nineties his son was added to the company, and in 1996 was purchased the first computer numerical control lathe.

Born like a turnery that worked for third parties with manuals mechanics lathes, TMT was developing quickly in the years following the constant technological evolution of CNC machines.

The first CNC lathe with two axes was side-by-side with three and four-axis lathes until today we came to 5 axis CNC machining centres that allow us to do more complex and precise machining.


The development of TMT

Thanks to the versatility and the know-how developed in the field of mechanics the company begins to expand progressively and created his space in the market of mechanical processing.

TMT made new investment to expand his motor pool buying others CNC lathe and first CNC machining centres.

In 2006 due to the small spaces the company moved to the actually headquaters in street Igna 37 Carrè, in a plant of 1500 square metres of ground area covered.

During the years we have learned to offer a full range service to the customer: starting from the precision mechanical processing using CNC machines, arriving to the eventually assembly of the components required in the draw.

We can also do surface treatments thanks to our externals suppliers with wich we have collaborated for years and with wich we have created a trusted partnership.

Finally our warehouse pay much attention to the packaging and the transport of the final product, all this with proficiency and care to particulars.

The company today

TMT is the synonym of a family company in a globalized world, able to invest in technologically new projects in the sector of CNC machines.

Today TMT can count on the high precision of: 

- 8 CNC lathes (maximum turnable 420x2125)

- 7 CNC machining centers (  2 complete of IV and V axis)

- 1 vertical slotter

- 2 manual lathes

- 4 automatic cutting machines


TMT makes use of highly qualified staff and of Mastercam, that is the best software for reading and designing draws; finally to a new management software called GP90 of the Osl company regarding the production management and costs.

TMT has always a look into the future, believes and invests in new technologies, in order to give to our customer a precise and reliable service.

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