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TMT was founded in 1979, after 40 years the company is   a point of reference in the field of subcontracting with the construction of mechanical parts based on customer specifications, offering the latter a three hundred and sixty degrees service, satisfying the needs of complete supply.


Speed of construction


Using modern 5-axis technologies, TMT produces extremely precise parts in just 15 days.



TMT offers different tolerance options in accordance with   UNI EN ISO 2769 (Standard, Fine) and UNI EN ISO 286 (Grades 8,7,6) , guaranteed by our quality office with room metrology with ZEISS CMM and instruments calibrated by accredited and certified suppliers according to current legislation.

Furthermore TMT is ISO 9001: 2015 certified

Personalized surface treatments


Choose from a variety of finishes on metal and plastic parts, built according to precise design specifications, TMT relies on highly specialized partners and in line with TMT 's quality standards .

Choice of material

Consulting service among over 30 plastic and metal materials.

TMT offers a wide variety of certified materials.

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