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Milling in TMT

Milling is the mechanics processing by removal of material that allows to obtain a large range of surface  (plans, grooves, treads, etc.) through_cc781905-5cde-3194 -136bad5cf58d_the action of multi-cutting and shaped tools.

TMT  shall provide CNC machining centers for the execution of a very high accuracy customizable service parameters for the execution of a very high accuracy customizable parameters-bb9094-5cc3cc7 -136bad5cf58d_on the particular needs of the customer.

Computer numerical control machines allow our company to propose to our clientele particular of latest generation for every product category. 

Our CNC centers with high milling advancement offer the maximum assurance and a low index of tolerance. 

That machinery is equipped with automatics systems for the fast replacement of tools: starting from raw material it's possible to obtain the finished product without the intervention of an operator making the production cycle fast and economic.

TMT has seven CNC machining centers, of which two complete of IV and V axis.



Fresatura, Lavorazioni meccaniche, Vicenza

Our CNC machining centers

TMT offers also a service of slotting, plus to turning and milling, having a vertical slotter CAMS300, complete of a table to split_cc781905-5cdegramb-136bad5-program-3194 cycle, offering to our customers a full range service.

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