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New Amada Dinasaw 430!

TMT is happy to say that a new machine joined our cut department:

the Dinasaw 430 by Amada machine tools company.

The sturdy, column-guided construction of the DYNASAW430, in conjunction with the use of AMADA bi-metal or carbide-tipped bandsaw blades, results in optimum cutting results and extended tool life.

Below are listed some of his strenghts :

■ CNC-Control

■ Automatic table cleaning

■ Wire brush bar in the table reducing the burr at the cutted piece

■ 35 mm remnant piece length

■ Automatic wire brush

■ 700 mm feed length per stroke

■ Automatic loading function

■ Automatic blade guide arm positioning

This machine complete our range of cutting machines and able us to cut round bar till diameter 430 mm .

The Dinasaw is part of a new project called "digital factory" , in the context of the plan industry 4.0, this machine as most of our turning and milling machines is connected directly with our production software.

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