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TMT LAVORAZIONI MECCANICHE has been operating in the Milling sector for over 40 years with a long experience in industrial service with WCM standards, thanks to the passion and commitment that are dedicated to each individual project.

TMT LAVORAZIONI MECCANICHE, thanks to the experience and the use of high technology dedicated to each process, is able to perform milling operations with high efficiency and high quality.

OUR 5-AXIS CENTERS allow the production of any component ensuring high quality standards. T

hanks to the possibility of performing a single placement for the production of an article, the 5-AXIS CNCs guarantee an unbeatable customer response in the market.

TMT employs a team of highly qualified internal programmers who are constantly updated in the use of advanced solutions programs such as MASTERCAM 




Dal 2023 TMT ha ampliato il proprio parco macchine acquistando un Pantografo. 

Campo di lavoro pantografo :

Asse Y - 4.100mm

Asse X - 2.070mm

Asse Z - 425mm

Spessore massimo lavorabile – 175mm

Massa lavorabile Max. 500kg

Materiali lavorabili : alluminio e materiale plastico

Piano aspirato.

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