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TMT was born in 1979, when Mr. Mario Terzo decided to set up his own business and started working in his home garage with a first parallel lathe.

In the early nineties the son took over the company, and in 1996 the first numerically controlled lathe was purchased.

Born as a mechanical turning shop for third parties with parallel mechanical lathes, it has then developed over the years following the constant technological evolution of production machines, with the first two-axis numerical control lathes then flanked by three and four-axis lathes, up to arrive today at five-axis machining centers, which allow us to perform more complex and precise machining in a single placement of the required part.



Thanks to the versatility and knowledge acquired in the field of mechanics, the company is able to gradually expand, new investments are made to expand the machine park, with the purchase of other CNC lathes and the first CNC machining centers.


In 2006, for reasons of space, the company moved to its current headquarters in Via Igna 37 in Carrè in a factory with a covered area of 1500 square meters.

Over the years we have learned to offer a three hundred and sixty degrees service to the customer: from the initial consultancy for the realization of the parts to their subsequent processing on our machine tools, we also perform surface treatments by relying on our external suppliers with whom we have been collaborating for years and with whom we have founded a trustworthy partnership, to then get to the eventual packaging assembly on request and transport of the finished product, all with great professionalism and attention to detail.

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TMT is synonymous with a family business in a globalized world, a company in continuous expansion, capable of investing technologically in the numerical control machines sector.

TMT employs a highly qualified staff, the best software for reading and designing drawings (Mastercam, DrafitSight) and management software (GP90, from the OSL group)   as regards the management of the production and costs . 

It also has a Quality Management System , both of process  and of product, certified ISO9001: 2015.


TMT, attentive to the satisfaction of its partners, places continuous improvement as its basic principles . 

TMT always looks to the future, believes and invests in new technologies, in order to be able to provide our partner with a precise and reliable service.

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